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Category: Washington DC

[ 0 ] April 22, 2014

H.R. 9.26.14 – The Most D.C. “Save the Date” Ever

Our good friends Michael Mansour and Ginny Veatch are getting married this year, and last week they sent out the most epic DC save the date ever. Full text below. Presumably Michael, a Legislative Assistant in Congress, has experience writing bills and we believe this deserves bipartisan support. Ginny, a Manager in Corporate Relations at [...]

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[ 0 ] April 17, 2014

The Green Spoon: A New Way to Eat Gluten-Free at Home

GS_2Meal delivery services are popping up all over the city. Almost anything can be delivered right to your door. When The Green Spoon reached out to us to try their new gluten-free meal delivery service we were really excited to give it a try. Recently, we started reducing gluten in our diets because we noticed how […]

[ 0 ] April 15, 2014

Shocking: DC is Full of Political Scientists

This just in: political scientists are over-represented in D.C. Business Insider compiled the numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to figure out which jobs are most popular in each state. Click below to see the full resolution map.The post Shock…

[ 0 ] April 11, 2014

Hyper Hill: Just Being Miley

Graffiti drones [are a thing] Craving grilled cheese today? [you're lucky] Narrowly escaping punishment [DC fire lieutenant] Here’s your cherry blossom tourist scavenger hunt [the most dangerous game] Cherry Blossoms in peak bloom [quick, everyone frame a building between the branches] Photo by Nathan Jones  

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[ 0 ] April 11, 2014

Cherry Blossom Donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts

BkyVP7vIgAALf4xThis post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts. They generously provided samples of their cherry blossom donuts. The opinions expressed here are our own.  The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and spring has officially arrived in DC. To celebrate, the wonderful people at Dunkin’ Donuts have created a donut especially for the occasion. The Cherry […]

[ 0 ] April 10, 2014

Famous Birthday Wishes

If you have a moment, go tell FamousDC’s own Josh Shultz happy birthday.

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[ 0 ] April 9, 2014

Hyper Hill: Don’t Pee in Your Coworker’s Coffee

House of Cards not getting that big tax break after all [sorry Spacey] The Nationals beat Miamiiiii[iiiiiiiiii] Peeing in your coworker’s coffee [not a good idea] Bob Cusack, The Hill’s managing editor, will [make an appearance on Veep, NBD] Major website security flaw discovered  [change your passwords on Friday] Love labradors? So does [Frederick, Maryland] [...]

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[ 0 ] April 8, 2014

DC Cinemagraphs for Relaxation

Mike Lurie made a series of subtle cinemagraphs of familiar sights around Washington, DC. The slight movements and occasional person-free point of view is both haunting and calming. You’ll have to hone your Where’s Waldo skills to find what’s moving in at least one of these. Take a deep breath, check the full set out [...]

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[ 0 ] April 8, 2014

A New Way To Brunch: Bookalokal

Lokal_3We’re always looking for new things to do in the city. When we were approached by Evelyne, co-founder of Bookalokal, to try out a unique food experience, we knew we couldn’t turn it down. The concept of Bookalokal is simple: find a unique food event hosted by different people around the city, sign up and enjoy meeting new […]

[ 0 ] April 4, 2014

Famous Friday [Round Up]

Breaking: CNN is still looking for this roundup #NATIONAL Yellowstone … Yikes; Goodbye Letterman; RGIII is keeping #10, DeSean Jackson; CRAWFISH; We heard the last HIMYM episode sucked but need to catch up on seasons 1-9 so NO SPOILERS for the next year and a half; Microsoft rolled something out and people found stuff wrong [...]

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[ 0 ] April 3, 2014

Hyper Hill: It’s Nats Time Y’all

Who’s winning the WaPo’s beer madness? [our bet's a secret] More gender neutral bathrooms coming [more or fewer bathroom hookups?] Free WiFi in NoMa [now you can exist outside and stare at a screen!] If you litter, you’re gonna get fined, so watch it litterbugs [litter enforcement month] Eataly’s coming [a really long time from [...]

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[ 0 ] March 26, 2014

Hyper Hill: Hit It

Johnny Isakson [aint a Belieber] Facebook acquired a virtual reality hardware firm [and those with pre-orders are pissed] There’s a cult operating off Rock Creek parkway [dead chickens found] Men in North Korea required to get Kim Jong-un haircuts [easy to choose a style] Football team management trying everything it can think of [to not [...]

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[ 0 ] March 21, 2014

Famous Friday [Round Up]

#NATIONAL #MarchMadness; Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight went live; How’s your bracket going?; no Tesla for NJ; Prime hikes prices; Where is the plane – still; Russia’s new bases are a little close to home; Microsoft probably read your email; Harvard really?; Welcome, chicken from hell; this kid is asleep; #DISTRICT Welcome back, Washington Monument; Welcome back spring?; [...]

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[ 0 ] March 20, 2014

FamousDC Goes to Bluejacket

Our own Hungry Lobbyist took a trip to Bluejacket and kept FamousDC right in the middle of … things.

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[ 0 ] March 5, 2014

Hyper Hill: Guess Who’s Back

Le Diplomate is failing [just kidding it's making boatloads of cash] Goodbye Snow photos [god we hope so] Metro car door freezes open [that's brisk, baby] WaPo expanding to China [yes that is a real thing, thanks Bezos] Cherry Blossoms have a peak date [taking bets on the accuracy of said peak date] Traffic + [...]

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