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Category: Washington DC

[ 0 ] December 29, 2016

Morning Grind 12.29.16

FAMOUS FORECAST It’s a bit rainy this morning in DC so hopefully ya’ll had your umbrellas for your morning commute, but those won’t be needed this afternoon because the sun will be making an appearance and temps are getting up to 50 degrees. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Yearly Round

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[ 0 ] December 28, 2016

Morning Grind 12.28.16

FAMOUS FORECAST 45 degrees today in DC getting into the low 30’s in the evening, but the sun is shining to keep our spirits high on this lovely Wednesday. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Furry and Bright The sweetest engagement Holiday Gift Guide: Politician edition WEDNESDAY JAM Brought to you by

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[ 0 ] December 21, 2016

Friday Round Up

Weather: For those of you still in DC, Old Man Winter is giving you a tiny break from the blustery action. This weekend will bring temperatures that range from the high 30’s to low 50’s along with a chance of rain showers on Saturday. The good news is that your Christmas will be merry

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[ 0 ] December 20, 2016

Morning Grind 12.20.16

FAMOUS FORECAST Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our office is so delightful and since there’s no snow to blow…let it shine let it shine let it shine! That’s right, the sun is out bright and shiny today but temperatures are pretty frigid being in the high 20’s and

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[ 0 ] December 19, 2016

Morning Grind 12.19.16

FAMOUS FORECAST Temps are at the freezing point this AM in DC and creeping into the high 30’s throughout the day with sunny skies until sundown. The evening hours will definitely be chilly with temperatures as low as 25 degrees so be sure to layer up and stay warm! WHAT

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[ 0 ] December 6, 2016

Morning Grind 12.06.16

FAMOUS FORECAST It’s definitely a bit of a gloomy day here in DC with consistent showers throughout the day and temps only in the mid 40’s so be sure to have your rain boots ready and umbrellas handy. WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Fashionably Famous: Fa la la la fashion

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[ 0 ] November 30, 2016

Blunt Force Congressional Flag Football: A Look BAck

Ten years ago, the Blunt Force Congressional Flag Football team took to the field and began an epic two year run of back-to-back championships. While many of those world class athletes have gone on to much greater careers since their football playing d…

[ 0 ] November 23, 2016

FamousDC and Harbinger Host Election Wrap At Nationals Park

With post-election news still inundating our inboxes and news feeds by the minute, it’s hard to believe that one of the most monumental days of 2016 is over. If you’re having a difficult time accepting the void brought on by the lack of campaign ads on your TV, we have a solution and it’s taking

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[ 0 ] November 22, 2016

Friday Round Up

Weather:  Autumn is holding on for dear life bringing us temps in the high 50’s this weekend with sunny skies keeping that regular boozy brunch reservation right on schedule. Awesome events you can attend this weekend: Turkey Trot for a good cause at Freedom Plaza; Support local businesses and get holiday shopping

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[ 0 ] November 22, 2016

Morning Grind 11/22/16

FAMOUS FORECAST Temperatures are at a brisk 38 degrees this morning and moving into the high 40’s throughout the day. It may be cold, but at least the sun will be shining down all day long. #WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW The #PositivityPromise: Let Kindness Guide Your Actions Today Famous

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[ 0 ] September 30, 2016

Morning Grind 9.30.16

FAMOUS FORECAST This rain isn’t going anywhere but will be easing up a bit although temps are staying chilly and the flash flood alert is still in full effect. FRIDAY JAM Brought to you by Paige Gress of FamousDC It’s Friday! Finally. You all made it through an intense week here in D.C. so

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[ 0 ] September 29, 2016

Morning Grind 9.29.16

FAMOUS FORECAST Prep for sky to fall because D.C. is getting hit hard with thunderstorms and flash floods, 5 to 7 inches to be exact. Good luck happy hour goers. THURSDAY JAM Brought to you by Adam Verdugo of CBS This Morning It’s a very simple song lyrics-wise but I love it

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[ 0 ] September 26, 2016

Morning Grind 9.26.17

FAMOUS FORECAST Fall is officially here bringing comfortable temperatures in the low 70’s and overcast skies to the District today. Stormy weather is moving in later this evening just in time for the presidential debate. MONDAY JAM Brought to you by Tazewell Jones of Bryant Row Isn’t it always a good idea to start

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[ 0 ] September 16, 2016

Morning Grind 9.16.16

FAMOUS FORECAST The District is chilling out, literally. Temps are staying in the high 60’s and low 70’s throughout the day with mostly overcast skies but possible sunshine later in the day for happy hour. FRIDAY JAM Brought to you by D.J. Jamiel of FamousDC Ever wonder who those vocals on popular EDM tracks

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[ 0 ] September 7, 2016

Morning Grind 9/07/16

FAMOUS FORECAST It’s only 9 a.m. and it’s already 77 degrees in the District…ugh. Temps hitting as high as 91 degrees with scattered thunderstorms later in the afternoon which will surely bring on that hair frizz kind of humidity. WEDNESDAY JAM Brought to you by Tazewell Jones of Bryant Row.  Was that the

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